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Columbus, Mississippi has been home to JDS Wealth Strategies since opening the company's first office in July 2005.  While at our beginning, we operated under another company's brand, we developed our own values and goals as well as worked to maintain our independence within their system.  Finally, in June 2010, our vision was realized and JDS Wealth Strategies was established.  

Our clients enjoy the comforts of working with a small, family-owned and operated firm with the knowledge, connections, technology, research, and global resources of a larger institution.  As demand grew, for our services, we opened offices in Tupelo, Mississippi (2009) and Oxford, Mississippi (2010).   With respect to client service, we provide clients direct, unrestricted, and transparent access to their accounts via the JDS Wealth client portal of the website.  Clients can access their financial plan, review the latest research, and perform in-depth analysis of accounts under our management as well as accounts held away. 

At JDS Wealth Strategies we offer the same products and services other financial advisors in your city utilize, but what sets us apart is how we implement them inside your financial plan.  We strive to keep clients informed and focused on their long-term financial goals.

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