What We Do



Financial planning success depends on three main factors:

The first is identifying and prioritizing future needs and goals.  Secondly, understand your options and limitations before allocating resources to the plan.  Lastly, follow the progress of your plan and make adjustments to ensure it is executed properly over your time horizon.

We can help you execute a financial program utilizing the following services:

  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Investment Advisory Programs
  • Financial Planning
  • Asset Management and Strategic Utilization
  • Alternative Investment Strategies
  • Investment Portfolio Management 
  • Estate Conservation and Settlement Procedures
  • Insurance and Annuity Product Utilization Planning
  • Long-Term Care Insurance Planning and LTC Cost Analysis
  • Wealth Accumulation, Preservation, and Distribution Strategies
  • Monthly Cash Flow Plan and Budgeting
  • College Cost Planning and Investing


Many clients we serve require much more planning and structure to meet their needs.  This is achieved by our firm's Enduring Wealth Program.  If you meet the qualifications below and would like more information contact us to schedule an interview.

At this time, the firm is no longer actively adding new clients.



Also, through our Prudent Wealth Network, we can refer you to professionals who can assist you with the following services to ensure all areas of your financial plan are in order. 

The areas include:

  • Business sale or Business exit planning
  • CFO for hire through B2B CFO services
  • Homeowner and auto insurance
  • Business insurance coverage
  • Land, crop, or timber management and insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Tax preparation and consulting
  • Business structure and tax strategy
  • Wills and Trusts